What is Urban Axe Throwing?

What is Urban Axe Throwing?

Urban Axe Throwing is a competitive sport where participants throw axes at target’s to try and achieve the highest score (it’s a lot of fun!)

Is it Safe?

Your safety is our highest priority, axe throwing is similar to other target sports, as long as you are participating properly, following instructions and using common sense then it’s perfectly safe. Each lane is enclosed and has a dedicated axepert coach to ensure that everyone is sticking to safety requirements. They’ll teach you the proper […]

Do I have to sign a waiver?

You sure do, this document will explain the risks involved. You must sign the waiver agreeing that you understand the risks and will abide by the rules.

Whats the minimum age?

It’s for adults only so you must be over 18. Please ensure you have I.D and take it as a compliment if we ask for it!

Is axe throwing difficult?

Anyone can throw an axe! It takes practice to get good at it but that’s what we’re here for. We welcome and encourage players of all skill levels.

Do I need a booking?

Yes, we only open when we have bookings. As such, we require bookings at least 24 hours in advance. Currently we do not offer walk-ins but watch this space.

Can I reschedule?

Bookings can be amended subject to availability you can change your booking up to 5 days before your game by calling us.